Events for young dentists with innovative presentations, expert tips and workshops – online and onsite!


With its series of dental science events, Interdentale forms the core of DMG’s course programme for students engaged in clinical courses, newly-qualified dentists and those setting up their own practice.

The programme is broad in content and covers everything from clinical approaches and innovative treatment methods to communication, interpersonal skills and business management. Leading speakers from university and dental practice support you by presentations, live treatments, live demos, interviews, panel discussions and workshops.

International experts for your success
Our interactive, dental science events are supported by respected international collaboration partners. Scores of students and young dentists across the world are now taking advantage of this fresh format and enjoying the help it provides for their professional development.

Interdentale engages in open dialogue and dedicates time to addressing the specific concerns and challenges that your generation faces. Your input drives the event programme’s continuous development.